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PH Farmer Consulting Ltd. launches new website.
We have launched a new website to serve existing and potential clients.  We hope you find our home on the internet to be informative and professional.
Financial Aspects of SR & ED
Click here for a discussion of expenses that could qualify and examples of the potential investment tax credit available.

 We welcome you to our website and invite you to  review the information and links that we have  prepared.

This web site’s content has been drawn from a wide variety of sources. We have compiled and organized the information to provide our guests and clients with a useful reference and guidance resource. Of course some areas will be offered for the exclusive use of our clients.

Please note that the information contained on this site is only intended to provide general knowledge and comments. We encourage you to contact us directly to obtain additional comments and information related to the eligibility of any specific activities or costs.

Please use this link to contact us with any feedback on our website, to ask a
question, or to arrange for a complementary meeting to discuss the eligibility of any work that has taken place within your business during the last two fiscal years.